2016 Version of New Business Start-Up Guide is Available

By Mark Sheffield, Principal

For years, ASL has published a well-received resource for entrepreneurs called the “New Business Start-Up Guide.” The newest edition adds helpful sections on how to value a start-up, and how to value an ongoing business. In addition, there are new exhibits on: “Top Five Challenges Facing Start-ups Today” and “Ten Governing Principles for a Start-up.” All the other sections have been updated for the latest best practices, and links to useful resources.

The handy sixty-five page start-up guide contains five chapters entitled:

  1. Determining the Business Viability
  2. Planning Your Business
  3. Registering with Regulatory Agencies
  4. Setting up Operations
  5. Running Your Business

Appendices include ideas for sources of funding, help on which type of entity to use for your start-up, and income tax and payroll tax information. Finally, there is a new business checklist to make sure you cover all your bases.

Paper copies are available on request.