Your Next Major Donor May Be Just a Click Away

By Helena Bouron, CPA, Senior Audit Manager
ASL Nonprofit Group 

There are a lot of wonderful events happening during the spring in Silicon Valley. One event that has raised a lot of interest in the nonprofit communities over the past three years is “Silicon Valley Gives.” Hosted by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, this one day, 24-hour online fundraising event matches local nonprofit organizations with individual donors in a single donation platform. In addition to attracting funds contributed by individual donors to their nonprofit organization of choice participating at the event, nonprofit organizations are also eligible to receive matching grants and prize grants sponsored by Silicon Valley Community Foundation and various other sponsors on this special day. With over $3 million in available grants and prizes, is your organization poised to take a piece of the pie?  

It is clear that technology and social media are changing the ways organizations are raising funds and spreading the word about their mission throughout the community. The power of online fundraising allows organizations to reach out to individual donors connected through the social network. If not for social media, those donors may not have become aware of the great cause your organization supports or could have felt that their contribution was just too small to make an impact in the organization. Today, many parents are including children in their philanthropic activities as a way to share personal values and interests. For the younger generation, giving is not just a one time event, but rather a lifestyle of doing good in the world and connecting with a great cause. It is important for organizations to recognize who the next donors are and create a strong and appealing message to reach this audience. It is certain that the use of social media and online fundraising platforms will play a significant role in finding future individual donors and supporters.  And you never know if the next major donor is just a click away…