B2B Marketing: Evolving from Spray-and-Pray to Align-and-Sign

B2B Marketing: Evolving from Spray-and-Pray to Align-and-Sign

What you’ll learn:

How buyer-aligned content marketing can help:

  • Target buyer personas and problems
  • Publish targeted content to drive interest and engagement
  • Create early product-market fit verification
  • Sell to the buyer journey
  • Build a sales funnel for early proof-of-concepts and acquire customers
  • Use the long-tail of search to drive engagement with your target prospects


Karthik Sundaram
Founder & CEO
Purplepatch Services

Karthik Sundaram is a seed investor, venture advisor, and the founder and CEO of Purplepatch Services, a digital marketing agency that works with technology companies to create buyer-aligned marketing programs: helping sellers identify their prospect buyers, discover their buying needs and journeys, and aligning the entire marketing program to give buyers meaningful ways of engaging with the seller services and products.

Based in the Silicon Valley, he has spent the last decade and more in helping build successful brands that have gone on to IPOs and profitable acquisitions. He works with venture portfolio companies to help in funding pitches, product-market fit development, and user experience design.
He holds an M.S. from the Illinois Institute of Technology, another masters from the National Institute of Design (India), and a B.S. in Engineering. He lives in the Silicon Valley, with his wife, teenage daughter, and a large bumbling German Shepherd, Argo.

He is a licensed private pilot as well.