COVID-19 & Valuation – Challenges and Opportunities

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COVID-19 has had a broad and dramatic impact on a wide range of businesses. Should these impacts be considered when performing a business valuation, especially if the valuation date is prior to the onset of COVID-19? This presentation will explain the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive value, the potential impact that COVID-19 has on these KPI’s, as well as the potential impact to business valuations as a whole. The presentation will further explore the challenges and opportunities that arise from valuations that are impacted by COVID-19.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

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This presentation intends to help you to:
  1. Recognize the impact COVID-19 has had on business valuations.
  2. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive value, and known and knowable impacts of COVID-19.
  3. Determine challenges and opportunities that lower or create higher valuations.

Major Subjects:

  • What are the KPIs that drive value and have these changed post-COVID-19?
  • Was the impact of COVID-19 “Known and Knowable” as of the valuation date?
  • Can we just ignore COVID-19 and look backwards?
  • What if the outlook is still uncertain?
  • What if business has increased dramatically?
  • Are there planning opportunities?

About the Speaker:
Jeff Faust, CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) is the director of valuation services at Abbott, Stringham & Lynch. Jeff has extensive experience in the valuation of start-ups/private companies for various purposes; fundraising, mergers/acquisitions, stock options grants (IRC § 409A) and more. He has provided valuation expertise to start-ups of all sizes and stages of development and in a wide variety of industries including hi-tech (Software, SaaS, Mobile, Telecom, Social Media, Cloud, Data, etc), bio-tech, manufacturing and many more. Read more about Jeff by clicking here.

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