Early Stage Startup Valuation Workshop: What is Your Startup Worth?

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Have you ever wondered what your startup is worth? Do you have someone interested in investing in or even buying your startup? Do you need to grant stock options? If you are an early-stage startup that is looking for help in determining the value of your startup, come to this hands on valuation workshop.

Our speaker will discuss what valuation models to use in the early stages and will run some actual models; Cost Approach, VC Method, Discounted Cash Flow. He will also discuss and model the impact that funding rounds and their various terms and preferences can have on the common stock values.

** Due to the popularity of this event, we have split this workshop into early and mid-stage groups so we can dig deeper and be more relevant to your specific stage. [Early-Stage = pre-development, pre-alpha, pre-revenue and projections have not yet been built.] If you not an early-stage startup and are a mid-stage startup, that workshop will be held  at a later date.**


  • 11:30 am to  12:00 pm   Check in,  Food, Networking
  • 12:00 pm to    1:30 pm  Workshop, Q & A
  • 1:30 pm to    2:00 pm   More Q & A, Networking

About the Speaker:

Jeff Faust, CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) is the director of valuation services at Abbott, Stringham and Lynch. Jeff has extensive experience in the valuation of start-ups / private companies for various purposes; fundraising, mergers/acquisitions, stock options grants (IRC § 409A) and more. He has provided valuation expertise to start-ups of all sizes and stages of development and in a wide variety of industries including hi-tech (Software, SaaS, Mobile, Telecom, Social Media, Cloud, Data, etc), bio-tech, manufacturing and many more.

If you have questions about the content of this workshop, contact Jeff at: