How To Monetize Your Social Media Efforts

Do you work hard at managing your social media platforms, prepare strategic campaigns, pay for ads, post status updates regularly but have a difficult time understanding the results? Join us for our next seminar, where our speaker will explain how to:

  1. Understand the difference between owned, earned and paid media.
  2. Learn how to structure your content so that the earned media, viral effect does the work for you.
  3. Understand the power of earned media, and which platforms are best for taking advantage of powerful viral reach.
  4. Learn about how all social platforms are not created equal.
  5. Understand what your true objectives are, and how social can help you achieve your more mainstream marketing goals.
  6. Learn how to cultivate an the right audience.
  7. Determine which channels are right for your brand.
  8. Is your brand message resonating with the right audience?


Adam Porges
Social Media Expert

Adam is currently working at one of the most popular tech companies in Silicon Valley, where he recently had a six month project purely focusing on understanding social monetization. He began his career with the Independent Film channel developing strategic interactive marketing plans for IFC’s original series’ and IFC documentaries. After his time with IFC, Adam joined Microsoft’s Search Media Operations leading up to and during the launch. Adam most recently oversaw the digital strategy for an Omnicom advertising agency in the Midwest. His wide variety of experiences working with both large and small clients give him a unique view of the space.

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