Understanding Cultural Differences: How To Conduct Business When People Have Diverse Traditions

Whether we travel the world or connect from home, business is global. We work with people with diverse traditions and differing ways of doing business. Attendees at this interactive program will enhance their cultural literacy by understanding the key characteristics of cultural groups around the world. Learn how to avoid misunderstandings, missed opportunities and establish valuable connections with anyone worldwide.

Topics will include:

  • Key characteristics of a cultural groups found around the world.
  • How differing views of views of time create misunderstandings in a business setting.
  • A look at the importance of the rituals of initial greetings.
  • An explanation of the two culturally based styles of communication worldwide.
  • Why sharing a meal may be more productive than spending time reviewing a proposed contract.


Lanie Denslow
World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources

Lanie Denslow, principal of World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources, is a leading author, popular speaker and trusted advisor on how culture shapes business practices around the world. With her personable, light-hearted style and wit, she champions the importance of cultural awareness in international ventures. Lanie is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington, holds a BS in Business from Antioch University and an MBA and Masters of International Business from Pepperdine University. Her well-known books on culture and international business are World Wise What to Know Before You Go (Fairchild Publications) and Working with Americans (Prentice Hall Business).

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