How To Value Your Emerging Business

How much is your startup worth? Do you have someone interested in investing in or even buying your startup? Do you need to grant stock options? If you are a startup or growing business that is looking for help in determining the value, come to this hands on seminar.

Our speaker will discuss the following:

  • Valuation standards used in emerging businesses.
  • Valuation models used to raise financing.
  • The impact of funding rounds and their various terms and preferences on common stock values.
  • Valuation models specific to emerging businesses.
  • What can ASL do to help in the area of valuation?



Jeff Faust
Director of Valuation Services
Abbott, Stringham & Lynch

Jeff Faust, CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) is a business valuation expert with extensive experience in the valuation of start-ups / private companies for various purposes; fundraising, mergers/acquisitions, stock options grants (IRC § 409A) and more. He has provided valuation expertise to start-ups of all sizes and stages of development and in a wide variety of industries including hi-tech (Software, SaaS, Mobile, Telecom, Social Media, Cloud, Data, etc), bio-tech, manufacturing and many more.

About ASL Emerging Business Group: Best Practice Series

Abbott, Stringham, & Lynch (ASL)  Emerging Business Best Practice Series consists of lunchtime seminars that address ideas and facilitate discussions around financing, operations, building a team, and other areas essential to the success of emerging businesses.

ASL established the Emerging Business Group to help start-up and growth companies. The Emerging Business Group provides a knowledge resource center of best practices for emerging businesses to streamline systems and operations, reduce regulatory risk, market themselves effectively, and free up entrepreneurs to focus on the business at hand.