Wait, there’s an app for that?

Sometime ago, I wrote a post on useful accounting apps for start-ups.  I find that as our lives are getting more global and mobile, we can use all the help we can get. I have compiled a list of the top three apps I have stumbled upon that I am excited to try out in the near future:

    1. TransferWise: this definitely ranks high on my list as my travels frequently involve payments in foreign currency for lodging and other expenses. How amazing would it be if you had an app that could transfer foreign currency to a vendor without the added cost of bank transfer fees? That’s where TransferWise comes in. It provides a platform where you can use your bank account or debit card to send money which gets converted at a mid-market rate and sent to the target bank account with an email confirmation upon the completion of the transaction. The company explains their lower cost by a concept of matching your transaction with people sending currency in the opposite direction. And did I mention that it’s free?
    2. Mobileday: This app syncs with the calendar on your smartphone, stores the dial-in numbers and passcodes for your conference calls, notifies you of upcoming calls and lets you connect with a single keystroke. No more do you have to remember all the various dial-in numbers and passcodes and hit that dreaded pound/hash button!
    3. CircleBack’s ScanBizCards: Looking for a database solution for all your key contacts, customers, business partners or dreading the thought of manually entering all the business cards that have stacked up on your desk? This app takes the stress out of that task by letting you simply take a picture of the card and transform this analog data into a digital version. The app’s scanning process recognizes the text on the card through OCR (optical character recognition) and populates or updates your address book in a fraction of the time of manual data entry, while still allowing the ability to edit the entry.  And here’s the best part – it can bring in contacts from Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Now this is what technology was meant to do – simplify our lives.