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Whether the market is hot or cold, a multitude of variables impact every opportunity and every challenge. With thousands of real estate transactions under our belts, we can help.

The ASL Real Estate Group includes highly skilled professionals who study real estate topics from the tax and accounting side of transactions for businesses, their owners and individual investors. We focus on helping you:

  • Structure the correct entity
  • Maximize your profitability and personal wealth
  • Leverage ever changing tax laws to your benefit
  • Reduce costs and free up resources through efficiencies
  • Navigate accounting, compliance and regulations
  • Plan your 1031 exchange
  • Tackle property tax issues

Our clients are developers, investors, owners, syndicators, property managers, joint ventures, and tenancies in common engaged in property development and ownership of all types of real estate including office/industrial, residential, retail and land.

When structuring transactions for optimum planning efficiencies, we collaborate with the ASL Construction and Family Wealth & Individual Tax Groups.

We are actively involved in the Allinial Global Real Estate Community of Practice enabling us to access knowledge and resources across the U.S. and worldwide for all types of real estate transactions. Additionally, we actively participate in industry associations such as B.O.M.A., C.R.E.W. and N.A.O.I.P.

We have developed a network of real estate attorneys, title companies, exchange accommodators, commercial bankers, cost segregation engineers, and real estate software providers. These relationships allow us to provide practical resources to our clients.

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