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As a renewable energy and carbon offsets/allowances business, you are powering a renewable future for us all. We are proud to work and support businesses such as yours! We have the expertise to help your company stay in compliance.

The ASL Renewable Energy Group consists of a highly specialized team focusing on voluntary (Green-e Energy and Green-e Climate, for example) and mandatory (various State Utilities Commissions) renewable energy programs and their compliance and reporting requirements.  Since your organization is subject to a required, rigorous annual verification, you can be confident in knowing that we have experts to help you along the way.

Our clients are nationwide and international, and include retail energy providers (REP’s), utilities, green energy suppliers, and direct green energy consumers.

We will work with you to help you stay in compliance and achieve your goals through our services:

  • Renewable energy program attestations for renewable power providers, including annual verification for Green-e products registered with the Center for Resource Solutions.
  • Agreed upon procedures for renewable certificate contracts and regulatory compliance required by local, state, and United States governmental programs, as well as other voluntary programs.
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Renewable Energy Articles
A collection of articles to support the renewable energy and green-e industry including, national standards updates, AI, timely opportunities, and much more.

Renewable Energy Articles

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