Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services

Planning for retirement has gone from guaranteed pensions to individuals planning for their own retirements. Employees are entrusting their retirement savings to 401(k) plans your company provides. With decades of experience helping companies exceed employee expectations, we can help.

Assurance Services


ASL audits defined contribution plans, including 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), and profit-sharing plans. We help our clients navigate and comply with complex IRS and DOL regulations, fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and support the interests of their employees.

Specialized Consulting Services


Our team can help you implement the type of benefit plan that is most advantageous for your company. We also represent clients with DOL or IRS inquiries.

We are a member of the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, which promotes the quality of employee benefit plan audits by providing members with timely communication of regulatory developments, best practices guidance, technical updates, discussion forums and information sharing, and by maintaining relationships with and acting as a liaison to the DOL.