Sales Solutions For Your Start-Up And Emerging Business

Are you an entrepreneur who is searching for solutions to the business obstacles you face when trying to sell, manage a sales team, and grow your business in the Silicon Valley? In this seminar, Bob Min will share his expertise in the Sandler Training methodology, by covering the greatest barriers to growing sales, why these things occur and some insight into how to overcome them. The Sandler Training Methods simply work.

What you will learn:

  • Common sales challenges for start-ups and emerging businesses.
  • How to save time, effort and make more money.
  • The buyer/seller “dance.”


Bob Min
Sandler® Training

Bob Min is a coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core challenges and implementing growth strategies that are transformative in their depth. With over 23 years of sales and management success, Bob helps clients increase productivity and profit by developing high performance behaviors, winning attitudes and superior sales and management techniques. Bob has a proven track record helping countless professionals achieve professional and personal heights previously unimagined.

Bob’s past experience in banking, insurance, finance, retail, and telemarketing gives him the ability to “walk in the moccasins” of his clients and to easily relate to their unique issues on a deep level.

About ASL Emerging Business Group: Best Practice Series

Abbott, Stringham, & Lynch (ASL)  Emerging Business Best Practice Series consists of lunchtime seminars that address ideas and facilitate discussions around financing, operations, building a team, and other areas essential to the success of emerging businesses.

ASL established the Emerging Business Group to help start-up and growth companies. The Emerging Business Group provides a knowledge resource center of best practices for emerging businesses to streamline systems and operations, reduce regulatory risk, market themselves effectively, and free up entrepreneurs to focus on the business at hand.