How to Capture Valuable Information: Six Crucial Habits Diligent Learners Follow to Succeed in Business Today

Experts on learning say the world is changing so rapidly that only 15% of what we know today is likely to be relevant in five years. Business success today depends on your ability to discover important, relevant information about trends, customers, competition, your industry, and the market. In this seminar we will discuss the six crucial habits diligent learners grasp to get an edge and keep it for life.

Mark Sheffield
Abbott, Stringham & Lynch
Mark Sheffield, CPA, Principal responsible for the Emerging Business Group, a niche which serves as a knowledge resource center of best practices for emerging businesses.   Mark is the author of five books.  His mantra is: “If you live to learn, you will learn to live.”   For over 30 years, Mark has helped hundreds of start-ups and growth companies to large mid-market firms with accounting, audit, tax and best practices solutions.