Think Like an Investor: How to Get Funding For Your Start-up

Learn how to attract investors by understanding what investors are really looking for. We will discuss:

  • Is your product attractive to investors? Why?
  • How do investors view your team?
  • What is an effective approach to attract investors?
  • Real-life examples of success and failure of acquiring funding.
  • How do you determine which investors to talk to?


Anthony DiGiulio
Start-up Consultant & Seed Stage Investor
DiGiulio Seed
Anthony DiGiulio is a startup consultant and seed stage investor. He is a hands-on investor, meaning that he invests in companies he personally works with: Not the ‘behind the green curtain’ investor/consultant. He works with investors and VCs throughout Silicon Valley to secure capital for his clients. He is the creator of the ‘Foundation’ point of view for start-ups and is currently working on a book and video series called The Foundation. Anthony has been working in the high-tech industry for 20 years in Business Development/Sales, Project Management, Operations, and Product management for software and hardware solutions. He is currently working with three startups.

Anthony DiGiulio