San Jose’s Business Tax Now Impacts All Landlords

By Abe Livchitz, CPA, Senior Tax Manager

For many years San Jose required residential landlords with rentals within the city to pay an annual Business (License) Tax. A license was required if the landlord owned three or more residential rentals. In March, 2016 voters passed Measure G which “modernized” the city’s Business License rules effective July 1, 2017. The exception for property owners holding one or two residential rental properties was eliminated. As a result all taxpayer’s owning residential rental property within San Jose must register for and pay the $195 San Jose Business License Tax. Registration under measure G was required prior to September 30, 2017 but the City has extended the deadline until December 15th. The City will waive penalties and interest if property owners register and pay their Business License Tax prior to December 15th. Registration and payment can be made on-line at:

Measure G also increased the tax rates and maximum tax imposed on commercial landlords and mobile home park owners.